Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First background!

First background's sketch! Level one.

In game video, recording the device directly (not using the emulator, like I did so far)


  1. I love the background! I'd love if you could draw the things yourself (maybe to create custom levels?), like the linerider game, but with a goal (which is what I think that game was lacking).

  2. It has a goal... a spaceship (or a bubble... still thinking on it). it's drawn at the end of the last floor.

    Nowadays the collision engine only supports few customized polygons, like "rectangle triangle", "rectangles" and "cancaves polygon". It's the easiest way and it took me around 3-4 months to develop it :S

    About the background I though it was going to be the final background, but it was a sketch. As you know, Marina is the boss of the designer department :P so it's her choice. We are still trying to find our graphical style, we've been trying with plasticine (only the platforms), collage... I prefer this drawing style, but it's up to her.