Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Game

So, finally, how's the game.

It will be a platform-puzzle game  where the player needs to rotate the phone in order to change the gravity of the game. The player will need to hang the mobile in fron of him and rotate it like a steering wheel. Doing this, the main character (a spherical character, like a ball) will roll in the screen, advancing and going through the obstacles, jumping, avoiding the traps... and so on.

Next, a video. Graphically is too poor because there are only collision platforms. They won't appear as they do now, it will be far nicer :)

And this will be the main character!! We were thinking in other type of character, basically a ball with hands and feet... but my girlfriend, while she was doing an university project, did it (notice it's just a 5 rotated along its axis in 3D), when we saw it was like love at first sight...

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