Monday, January 24, 2011


So, I said, "let's start my video game development in a mobile phone"... but, which one?

IPhone seems to be the best option, it has the biggest market, it's the most known platform... but on the other hand, there is a lot of comepetence! a huge number of downloads, that's right, but there are a lot of companies developing games nicer than mine, with more people working on it... and you need a Mac to create your program!! I cannot afford that!

Android... well, I need to program in java (I do prefer C++) but seems nice. Unfortunatly I'm having the same problem, too many companies, too many good products...

So I though in Nokia. They have their own online shop called "Ovi Store", they are still the first company in mobile phones that means my app would be available for a really huge number of devices all around the world... but people doesn't know it too much! Ovi Store is growing, they had 2 million downloads few months ago and now they are close to 3,5 millions... it's my big chance and, definitly, it's my favorite option.

And Nokia have Qt. I've already worked one year as C++ (Qt) programmer and I do like it. It's easy, powerful... all I need. I can also add OpenGL to my code. Perfect.

So I though... OpenGL? it will be better if I develop a 2D game, I don't really know a lot of OpenGL and I don't have so much time. Focus in OpenGL means more time, and I don't have so much. Then, I remembered Qt had something called QGraphicsScene, a scene where you can add items (pixmap, or lines, circles) and show them in the screen. It was really powerful, with a lot of good designed methods and classes... and, in the end, a 2D game is not more than some pixmaps interacting with the player, isn't?

This is how I finally started my video game development. I had to program my own collision engine (thanks to based in projection vector, I'm developing my own game engine and nowadays I am creating the levels one by one. So far four and half :) I would like to create ten and distribute it for free as demo, and program fourty more and sell it for... two euros? don't know, I'll solve this problem later.

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